Psychotherapy can help individuals increase their self-awareness and broaden their perspective on life. Laudan finds that through this work, clients are able to regain a sense of joy, acceptance and self-worth that can enrich their lives. She draws from a variety of therapeutic modalities when working with clients, always aware that each individual is unique. For individuals struggling with anxiety, stress, life transitions, work challenges, relationship concerns, body image issues or substance related disorders, psychotherapy can be a safe and supportive approach to help grow through these challenges.

Laudan offers the above services in her Beverly Hills office, at the homes of clients and via video-conferencing.

LIFE & WEllness Coaching

Coaching takes the work of psychotherapy and applies it to the real world; a more action oriented approach than traditional psychotherapy.

With Coaching, Laudan helps clients identify and follow through with goals related to their careers, personal health, finances, relationships, spirituality and recovery from mental health, substance abuse and eating disorders. Many clients prefer this more active method, and through coaching, Laudan can help clients develop and fine tune life skills that are necessary to enhance their lives.

Laudan meets clients in the office and in the community, and in her role as coach serves as a role model and mentor, offering education, encouragement and consistent feedback regarding the challenges clients face in their lives.


Laudan also works with parents and loved ones of those in treatment for various issues. Oftentimes parents, partners or siblings struggle with how to provide support to their loved ones while respecting their own boundaries. With help from coaching, these clients feel more confident and better able to simultaneously honor their own needs and those of their loved ones.

Laudan offers parent/family coaching services in her Beverly Hills office, at the homes of clients and via video-conferencing.

Presentations & Speaking Arrangements

Laudan has been welcomed to schools in the Los Angeles community to engage with students on the topics of positive self identity, body image, peer relationships and self-confidence. She presents to parents and school faculty on similar topics as well as substance abuse prevention and mental health issues, providing education and support in a compassionate manner.

Additionally, Laudan offers mindfulness lessons, presentations on work/life balance and self-care to employees in the corporate setting.